Our Patriots

Our Lexington Chapter NSDAR members are certified descendants of these patriots whose service helped establish American independence. If you recognize a name from your own ancestry and would like to explore the genealogy, please contact us. We may be able to help!

All chapter members can trace their direct ancestry to a person who served the cause of the American Revolution. These were people who served as soldiers, signed loyalty oaths, gave supplies, sewed clothing, hid armaments, helped organize the new government, kept towns running, beat the drums, rallied the people, fed the troops, and a myriad of other things that made the struggle for freedom a success.

The Lexington Chapter NSDAR members descend from patriots including twelve of the original thirteen colonies which engaged in the Revolutionary War. Only Delaware is missing. Can you fill in our gap?

Here is a list of our documented patriots showing their rank or type of service and the state where they served.

Captain John Parker in Lexington, MA

Pvt. James AgensNY, MDJohn Anthony, PSVAPvt. Samuel AyerNH
Pvt. James BakerNYSgt. Nehemiah BallNJPvt. Stephen BarnumCT
Peter Bent, CS, PSMAPvt. Ezra BlaisdellNHSgt. Jesse BollingNC
Col. Daniel Boone, CS, PSVAPvt. John BronsdonMAPvt. Moses BuckMA
Cpl. Isaac BuckMAPvt. George BuffingtonPAPvt. John CarothersNC, SC
Pvt. Elisha ChamberlainCTStephen Choate, CS, PSMASol. Mitchel Clay, PSVA
Pvt. Elisha ClaytonNJCapt. Benjamin CoeRIPvt. Nathaniel ConeCT
Pvt. Asa CorbinCTCapt. Agreen CrabtreeMAAndrew Creveling, PSNJ
Sgt. Shubael CrowellMASN Benjamin CurtisMAPvt. Thomas CutlerMA
John Cutter, PSMAPvt. Godfrey DiefendorferPAPvt. James DobbinsSC
Cpl. John DowMASol. Vespatian EastmanCTSgt. James EatonNH
Pvt. Michael EddyRIPvt. George EllsworthNYSalmon Emmons, CS, PSCT
Ephraim Fairbanks, Sr., CS, PSMAPvt. Nathaniel FairbanksMAPvt. Jonas FaulknerMA
Pvt. Elijah FisherMACol. Reuben FoggMAPvt. Joseph GiddingsCT
Brig. Gen. John GloverMAPvt. Eli GouldMALt. Henry GrierPA
Pvt. Moses GriggsMALt. Col. Thomas H GrosvenorCTPvt. Thomas HadleyMA
Lt. Gideon HallNYLt. Benjamin HarndenMALt. Moses HarrimanMA
Jonathan Harrington, Sr., CS, PSMAJohn Hart, PSNJLt. Zaccheus HatchMA
Joseph Hayes, PSPACpl. Jonas HobartNHPvt. Philo HodgeCT
Sol. William HodgeCTPvt. Jacob HouserPASgt. Phineas HoweMA
Pvt. Thaddeus HoweMAPvt. Ebenezer HoytMAPvt. Amos HumphreyMA
Pvt. John Ingraham, Jr.RISol. Uriah JillsonRIPvt. George Keck, PSPA
Abel Kimball, PSCTAmasa Kingsbury, CS, PSMAPvt. John KnoxMA
Pvt. Peter Krake, PSPAPvt. James LaneMACpl. Jonas LearnedMA
Capt. Thomas LeeNYCapt. John Lillard, Sr.VAAbigail Hagar Livermore, PSMA
Ralph Logsdon, PSMDPvt. Joseph Lord, Sr.CTPvt. Isaac MarionMA
Pvt. Alexander McClureVAPvt. John Benjamin MitchellCTPvt. Jonathan MooreNY, NJ
Capt. Samuel MooreNHPvt. Amos MorseMAJames Muse, Sr., CSNC
Cpl. Bethuel NortonCTPvt. Jonathan PhillipsPAPvt. John PhillipsVT, CT, NY
Isaac Phinney, CS, PSMAJoseph PowellNCMoses Putnam, CSNH
Pvt. Edmund Quincy, PSMAJacob Ramey, Sr., PSVACpl. Asa RogersMA
Maj. John RolleMDCpl. Christian RuffnerPASgt. George Adam RuffnerPA
Pvt. Moor RussellNHPvt. Abel SageMAPvt. Thomas SaltmarshNH
Pvt. Nathan SavoryMAEliphaz Shelton, PSVABenjamin Smith, PSNH
Pvt. James SpencerCTPvt. William SperlingVADavid Stearns, Sr., PSMA
Pvt. John StebbinsMASgt. John Story, CSMAPvt. Abraham Stryker, Jr.NJ
Pvt. Asa TracyMALt. Col. Samuel TuthillNJSgt. Samuel WattsMA
Capt. Wilhelmus WestfallNYCapt. Benjamin WhaleyVAJames Whaley, PSVA
Sgt. Asa WheelockMAPvt. Jacob White, PSVANCO Jacob WhitneyMA
Jeremiah Whittemore, PSMAPvt. James WillsRI, MARichard Woolworth, CS, PSMA
Pvt. Isaac WrightMDNCO Charles YoungPA
Brig. Gen.—Brigadier General
Cl.—Continental Line
CS—Civil Service
1st Lt.—First Lieutenant
2nd Lt.—Second Lieutenant
Lt. Col.—Lieutenant Colonel
MM—Minute Man
NCO—Non-Commissioned Officer
PS—Patriotic Service
S.D.I.—Signer of The Declaration of Independence
Sgt. Maj.—Sergeant Major
Staff Ofc.—Staff Officer
Wpnsr.—Wife who received pension